2005 Acura NSX with 17k miles

This post facelift Acura NSX up for sale has only 17k miles on the odometer.  This looks to be a prime example of a late model first generation NSX, a car which during its production run was relatively underappreciated.  The late model cars had bigger and wider wheels than any previous version of the car.  Suspension was also upgraded with stiffer springs all around along with a bigger anti roll bar.  The engine continued on as a 3.2L V6 from the pre facelift cars however the 3.2L was an upgrade over the 3.0L engine of the very early cars and this particular engine bay looks extremely clean.

By this point for the US market the NSX was only available as a targa which luckily could be neatly stored away above the engine when the mood for open air driving took your fancy, although I’m sure more the purist enthusiast would prefer a fixed roof car such as the NSX-R not available here or the very rare Zanardi Edition NSX which was similar to the Japanese Type-S model.

One of the biggest draws of this car aside from the VTEC engine note is it’s ties to Aryton Senna who purportedly helped with the fine tuning of the chassis through testing at various such including the famed Nurburgring.  While by this point in the production cycle the car was changed from Aryton’s initial vision it is sure to be a superb drive.  The cockpit for that drive for the NSX was very all business and the steeply angled dashboard was futuristic looking at the time.  This particular cars interior appears to be in extremely clean shape.

The manual gearshift in that interior is among the best that Honda made with a very precise action, by this point the 5 speed had been replaced with a 6 speed which should partly help over some of the extremely tall gearing the non R versions of these cars received.  Overall this vehicle appears to be an amazing shape, however the dealer selling this is charging an amazing price of $130,000.  With the value of these cars constantly on the rise who’s to say if this is a bad buy.  The car is available in Connecticut and further information can be found HERE.