1972 Datsun 240Z

For sale here is a white Datsun 240Z that appears to be in great, almost new, condition.  These Datsuns can be credited as the vehicle that really legitimized the Japanese auto industry outside of Japan.  In the time before this car’s introduction Japanese vehicles, while reliable, were considered to be too small and often too boring by most of the buying public and the 240Z was the car that turned that around.  With long hood, short deck styling and its 2 seater RWD straight six layout the car was destined for success and the car sold in huge numbers.  As the Z car went on through further iterations it got fatter and worse to drive so these original 2.4 liter cars hold a special place in many peoples hearts.  This particular example is finished in white which lusters nicely in the pictures and a black interior which appears to be in perfect condition.

The seller of the vehicle states that it has 500 miles on the odometer but that is likely the miles driven after restoration.  The odometer itself appears to say it has 35,000 miles but as it is a 5 digit odometer it could have rolled over already.  The seller gives no further details about the restoration other than it is “ground up”.

Even the steering wheel and the shifter appear to be brand new.

The L24 engine is located in an engine bay that looks meticulously restored.

The car has the original hub caps which were often immediately thrown away and lost replaced by alloy wheels.

This car is available for sale in Los Angeles from a private seller HERE for a fairly high asking price of $49,500.  If you are looking for a pristine 240Z, however, this looks to be the nicest on the market right now.