2006 BMW Z4 M Roadster

This BMW Z4 M Roadster is up for with a scant 10k miles on the clock.  These Z4Ms seem to be an almost forgotten BMW these days with the fame sticking to the more conventional M3 and M5 models.  However, these Z4Ms had the same incredible S54 inline 6 motor with 330 naturally aspirated horsepower as the famous E46 M3 albeit with 3hp less.  These engines loved to rev aided by features such as individual throttle bodies from the factory and snarled all the way up to their 8,000rpm redline.  Unlike the M3, the slow witted SMG transmission was not available and the 6 speed manual was the only choice, perfect for the sports car enthusiast.  With the approximately 200lbs of weight savings over the M3, you received a little acceleration and agility as a trade off for the lack of practicality.

The light tan leather and the expansive wood dashboard give this car a more retro look.

BMW’s amazing S54 straight 6 looks to be very clean.

As expected of a 2 seat convertible, trunk space in the Z4M is extremely minimal.

With the value of E46 M3s with low mileage appearing to sky rocket over the past few years, low mileage Z4Ms could be next.  The car can be found HERE for an asking price of $27k which considering the extremely low mileage is a fair asking price for a dealership.